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Mar. 28th, 2011 03:52 pm
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I need to remember to update this at least once a month for pete's sake.

A short update of my life is..."I'm busy." Thankfully got a new job so I won't be kicked out of the house, but I'm still adjusting to the new schedule. The worst part is I can't find the mental energy to write very often. I'm still shooting for finishing a spn_j2 BigBang, but we'll see! Once I have less to do in a month or so, I should have more time for writing and I gotta say, I can't effing wait.

My job is not exactly thrilling, but I like a goodly amount of my coworkers and it gets faster each time, so I suppose I'm settling in okay. Still on the lookout for something better, but for now, it's good.

And...let's see. Yeah. Hi!
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So I have four potential jobs/interviews lined up. Praise God!

One's at a place called Dick's. Heh.

Anyway, no news yet, but I'll let you guys know. Right now I'm hiding in Starbucks with Brad because it's storming a lot outside. I'm very anxious right now ,but not because of the storm or the jobs. I just need to write. I haven't done any serious writing in days and it's built up in my chest really bad right now. I'm working on Soul Piece at the moment. I hope I can get it all out on that next chapter. I am sorry for taking so long, but between my anxious job hunt and other random RL things, I haven't had the words.

The music on sounds like something out of an old Supernatural episode.

*hugs flist*


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