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Aug. 12th, 2012 01:11 am
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Episode one through Episode four reactions

I don't yet understand why Scott is the main character. He's supposed to be the average guy, but I think he might be *too* average.

On the other hand, I can see why Stiles is the stand-out character. The actor is clearly the best at his profession and I include all the adults in this judgement. Good acting can save a bad character. In this case, it makes a funny character incredibly endearing. I don't get why he likes Lydia. Not even with the explanation that teenaged boys are led by their dicks. She's thoroughly unpleasant and he doesn't seem the type to care about popularity. It doesn't compute well to me at the moment.

Derek does the whole mysterious older stranger thing fairly well. That actor is another of the more convincing ones, which I assume helped his popularity rise. I noticed that he had a very slight Cas-like moment where he mind-read Stiles at their very first meeting. He keeps telling Scott that he will need him, but hasn't yet really shown why, so I assume that's coming later.

Lacrosse...well, I will say this. The moment I remembered most in the pilot was when Scott beat that Jackson shit. That probably has to do with how much I want to knee Jackson in the cock though.

I don't like Allison's aunt. Actually her character descriptions are fine and it's actually interesting to see a rage-filled high-stakes hunter that's female, but the actress says her lines like an obnoxious valley girl and instead of getting that unhinged thrill-seeker vibe I feel the character is supposed to be, she just annoyed the shit out of me. When she forced Scott to sit back down, I wanted to punch her. Probably because I deal with assholes all day long and I can't deal with it.

I don't get what the fuck Derek actually did to his arm in episode four. He pressed grains of the same stuff that hurt him into his wound and that helped? Idk. At any rate, I was glad to see him and Stiles interact since it's apparently the second coming of Destiel and they hadn't actually been on screen together save one scene.

It actually offends me that slash pairings can't be filmed because they'd gross out general audiences, but we are subjected to multiple shots of Scott and Allison sucking face. Or as I like to call them, Cookie Cutter and Dipshit. Their romance has so little chemistry, I'm not convinced they filmed in the same room as each other. 'I like you. I like you too' is the least interesting set up for a romance in the history of all time and yet writers use it over and over again. They've done pretty much nothing to make me care that these two limp noodles like one another. Come to think of it, they've also done zero to show *why* they'd choose to expend their tepid flirting abilities on one another. All I know is that I'm subjected to shots of their bland romance in between life and death situations and all it does is highlight how utterly useless and soul-numbing the entire farce really is.

I do like how they signal that it's time for another horrible make-out scene by playing shitty romance pop music.

Right now, my impression is not great. I love werewolves and the parts pertaining to them, I still find interesting. But the show is not doing a very good job of blending the 'teen' part to the 'wolf' part. The teen part is so boring, I'm shocked it managed to get filmed. On the other hand, the werewolf parts keep me into the story and make me want to see what happens next. Every time they leave a werewolf or hunter scene to show Scott fumbling his way through a painful romantic interlude or moaning about lacrosse, I literally have to stop the video and question my life choices.

I want to keep watching though because a lot of people I generally agree with and trust say it's worth watching.
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