Jul. 31st, 2011

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I'm working my way through The Next Generation and I'm surprised by how many I actually don't recognize. I'm guessing because I missed a lot of the early seasons. Things are getting more familiar as I get further into it. It's nice to watch a series that I really love, but don't feel quite so invested in, at least not fandomwise.

There isn't much else going on right now. I'm on a standstill right now in regards to graduate school, waiting to hear about financial aid stuff. There are so many reasons why I want this to work out!

On the writing front, I'm still incredibly blocked due to my job slowly killing me, but I have felt some sparks of life in my brains lately. Mostly for little off-shoots of fics I've already written, but it feels nice to write again. I've gotten a great deal of unexpected commentary on Soul Piece lately. That story has been on my mind a lot. No idea if it will make something happen, but I'm reading it again in order to get back in the groove. I'm at the part where Cas is asking Mary if she'll have another kid so Dean won't be lonely. Dumbass.

So yeah. The Reds are trying to become mediocre. Although they've perked up in this series against the Giants. Here's hoping.

Okay, back to Star Trek. I don't have to be back to work for over 24 hours. /bliss


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